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When we bring home our cute little puppy with their big eyes and puppy breath, we are typically filled with thoughts of happily walking down the street and cuddling on the couch and taking our dogs with us everywhere for years to come. Its going to be great!  But then suddenly we realize our growing puppy is pulling like crazy on the leash and lunging at everyone who passes, they would rather jump on our face than cuddle, and walking into a store with them? Forget it!  What went wrong?

I'm Kim and I work with these kinds of issues all the time. I am a certified dog trainer through the CCPDT and I will help you address behaviour issues, no matter how big or small, using proven techniques based on how dogs learn.

Every dog is an individual and each situation is different.  I will address your concerns and come up with a personalized training plan based on your particular situation.

Scent Detection Dog Working
Dogs sitting nicely
Its play time!

Sport scent detection is a fun and fast growing sport for dogs of all ages and activity levels.  Due to the nature of the sport, dogs that are reactive, shy or fearful are able to compete and have fun in a safe environment while doing what dogs do best- sniffing!

Specializing in dog behaviour consultation and behaviour modification.  I offer private one-on-one sessions geared to your specific needs in the Peterborough and surrounding areas, and I offer online support for those further away.  This in-home support is geared to dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, resource guarding, barking and lunging on leash, or any other issue that is causing stress for you or your dog.

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