I have been training dogs since I was about 13 years old.  My family got a Doberman Pinscher and I absolutely loved taking her into a quiet area of the house to teach her a fun trick then go show it off to my family.

Fast forward a few years (well, maybe more then just a few...).  I am an honours graduate from Animal Behavior College's Dog Trainer Program.  Over and over again, I have seen first hand how positive reinforcement training not only accomplishes any training goal, but, more importantly, creates a trusting bond between dogs and their humans.

I am the very proud owner of a reactive, energetic and completely amazing rescue dog.  Copper is the reason I have branched out to Scent Detection and Tracking.  This is a great sport for nervous, shy, reactive, old, or highly energetic dogs.  This is a sport I can do with my reactive dog and I no longer feel like I need to hide him in a bubble.  And best of all, he loves it!

I do NOT use any form of "correction" based collars such as choke chains, pinch collars or shock collars (also known as e-collars or "tickle" collars.  Don't let the name fool you - they shock your dog).  These collars are generally not needed and can actually cause fear or aggression in your dog, especially if you are using them to overcome fear or aggression. 

If you are looking for a better, more humane way to train your dog, or if you are feeling uncomfortable about allowing your dog to get shocked, jerked around or otherwise intimidated, the positive training methods used by Scentsable K9 will accomplish your training goals without fear or intimidation.  If you are not in the Peterborough area, there are more and more positive based trainers popping up everywhere.  There is a reason there are so many of us now!  It is proven effective and it is safe.  Everyone goes home happy!


Copper with his ribbons

Copper, my reactive, wonderful mix breed rescue dog looking rather proud of his accomplishments