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The training process and what to expect

The Full Story

My goal is to help you train the dog you've always wanted. 

When you work with Scentsable K9, you will be working with a trainer that is experienced and seasoned in behaviour modification.  That experience is gained from running reactive dog classes and one on one sessions for years.  This experience ensures you have access to answers for any concerns or issues that you may have during your training journey.

Before our first session, I gather information about your dog and your struggles by use of a behaviour questionnaire.  This allows me to be well prepared and have a clear plan ready when I arrive at your house for our appointment.  This questionnaire is kept completely confidential and your answers are only accessible by me. 

Our first in-person session will be an hour and a half in length.  This gives us enough time to practice everything in our training plan, come up with a management plan if needed, and allows me time to answer any questions you may have.

After our training session, I email you your training and management plan.  This helps keep you on track with your training and serves as a reminder of everything we talked about during our session.

Follow up sessions are booked as needed.  These are only an hour long and will build off of our initial session for those that are really wanting to bring their dog's learning to the next level!

I encourage you to continue training your dog for life, either on your own or with a trainer.  Skills the dogs learn are exactly that - Skills.  Just like us when learning something new, if we stop practising it, our skill level tends to decline.  Plus, it is a great way to keep your bond with your dog strong!

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