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Training with consistency and positive motivation is one of the best ways to build a strong human-dog bond.  The allure of "quick fixes" in dog training has become higher due mostly to reality TV trainers that seem to "fix" a dog in one episode.  These expectations are not only unrealistic but can very likely break the trust between human and dog. 

Positive training does not mean permissive training.  The dogs are given boundaries and the word "no" is still used when necessary.  Positive trainers do not let their dogs run around doing whatever they like while stuffing food in their mouths when they do something good.  That, my friend, is a myth!  Positive training uses rewards in the form of food, toys, praise, play etc. to let the dog know that what they did is desirable while using humane methods to discourage unwanted behaviours.  Fear, intimidation, domination and pain are not effective in the long run and they don't allow your dog to actually learn. 

The positive training philosophy teaches dogs (and other animals) to live in our human world using humane, force free techniques that give our dogs the life skills needed for a long and happy life.  They encourage the dog to think, learn, and problem solve while building confidence and trust.

Taking the dog for a walk
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